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Career Tech Ed

​​​​​​​CTE Course Articulation - Palomar Community College

Certain courses within VUSD are articulated with Palomar Community College, meaning that a student can earn Palomar Community College credit for taking an MVHS course.


** Please see individual course descriptions below to identify what classes are articulated**


In order to get credit at Palomar Community College by taking an MVHS CTE course students need to :

  • Apply as a student at Palomar Community College
  • Earns an 'A' or 'B' in the MVHS articulated CTE Course
  • Work with their MVHS articulated CTE Course teacher to get credit assigned 

 Graphic Design 1 (R180)  

(Abbr. Transcript Title: GraphicDes 1)

Prerequisite: None 

Meets the UC/CSU “F” requirement

**Articulated with Palomar Community College for 'GC 100' through Spring 2020

Get an edge on your competition, a head start on college credits and jumpstart your career by  learning techniques and skills that will help you to become a successful Graphic Designer in today's fast-paced and modernized industry. Gain expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and explore the world of graphic communications. Design your future.

Graphic Design 2 (R185)   

(Abbr. Transcript Title: GraphicDes 2)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Graphic Design 1 or Teacher recommendation

Course does NOT meet a UC/CSU A-G requirement 

Level up in Graphic Design 2 and boost design skills in this sequel course. Blaze a trail to your future as you master industry knowledge by tackling exciting design projects to deepen your understanding and artistry. Grow your job-ready skill set; come away with a killer resume and portfolio to showcase your work.

Photo Imaging 1 (R160)

(Abbr. Transcript Title:   Phtogrp Img)

Prerequisite: None 

Meets the UC/CSU “F” requirement

**Articulated with Palomar Community College for 'PHOT 120' through Spring 2018

Want to be Instafamous? It all starts with creating amazing pictures. Master the DSLR  camera controls, explore composition and natural portrait lighting. To expand your style, projects will incorporate working with narratives, inspiration from famous photographers and interpreting music. Lightroom will be the main application used to enhance images including creating your own preset filters. By the end of year 1 you will have the skills to build your following. Added bonus, take care of the UC F requirement and for completing the class with a B or better, you can earn 3 units of college credit.

Photo Imaging 2 (R162)   

(Abbr. Transcript Title: PhtogrpImg2)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Photo Imaging 1 and/or teacher recommendation.

Course does NOT meet a UC/CSU A-G requirement 

**Articulated with Palomar Community College for 'PHOT 130' through Spring 2018

Need to update your profile pic? Dive  deep into careers in photography with a focus on portrait lighting. Explore over 20 location and studio techniques with the use of flash. Photoshop will give you expanded control to enhance and manipulate your images. Conceptual photography will expand your artistic vision and technical skills. Why not take another 3 units of college credit at the end of year 2 by getting a B or better.


Stagehand Technician 1 (R420)   

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Stage Tech1)

Prerequisite: None

Course does NOT meet a UC/CSU A-G requirement 

Take a peek behind the curtain and discover how audio engineers, lighting designers, costumers, makeup artists, and set designers work their magic. In this course you'll have hands on training with the core elements of stage technology, and you'll even have the opportunity to use your newfound skills to work behind the scenes on an MVHS stage production.

Stagehand Technician 2 (R421)   

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Stage Tech2)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Stagehand Technician 1 or teacher recommendation.

Course does NOT meet a UC/CSU A-G requirement 

Are you wanting to make the jump from “trainee” to experienced stage technician? Here you’ll master your skills in audio / video, lighting design, carpentry and more as you provide technical services towards all performing arts events in the MVHS auditorium. Whether it be drama, choir, music ensemble, or dance - this is where we make the magic happen!     

TV, Film & Digital Media 1 (R805)   

(Abbr. Transcript Title: TV Film DigMed)

Prerequisite: None 

Meets the UC/CSU “F” requirement 

**Articulated with Palomar Community College for 'DBA/ENTT 120' through Spring 2018

Learn how to make professional movies! Master the basics of digital video on DSLR cameras,  edit on Premiere Pro,  write and produce your own screenplays while earning college credit. Explore the industry of film and video to develop professional camera moves and editing techniques.

TV, Film & Digital Media 2 (R808)   

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Stage Tech2)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of TV/Film 1 and/or teacher recommendation

Course does NOT meet a UC/CSU A-G requirement 

Take your filmmaking and visual storytelling to the next level as you work towards becoming a professional filmmaker. Master advanced editing techniques, visual storytelling and  continue to build your reel while exploring business opportunities in the film and video industry.

Video Broadcasting (R810)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Video Brdcs)   

Prerequisite: Successful completion of TV/Film 1 & 2 or teacher recommendation.

Course does NOT meet a UC/CSU A-G requirement 

**Articulated with Palomar Community College for 'DBA 110' through Spring 2018

Ready to work in a professional broadcast environment? Here you’ll be able to produce your very own info-tainment webisode series for Mission Vista High School’s YouTube channel, MVHS TV. Collaborate with a production team to create entertaining and informative segments out in the field. Develop and produce your very own short film with high production value over the course of the entire term. 

Computer Science Pathway:

Flow Chart

Course Comparison Chart

AP CSP (M460)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: AP CSP)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Integrated Math 1

Meets the UC/CSU “G” requirement

AP Computer Science Principles offers a multidisciplinary approach to teaching the underlying principles of computation. The course will introduce students to the creative aspects of programming using the Alice programming language, abstractions, algorithms, large data sets, the Internet, cybersecurity concerns, and computing impacts. AP Computer Science Principles will give students the opportunity to use technology to address real-world problems and build relevant solutions. This course is separate from Computer Science 1 and serves as an introductory course to students who are interested in Computer Science but want to focus on big ideas in computers cience instead of programming. Students who want to focus more on programming should take Computer Science 1 instead.

Computer Science 1 (T505)  

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Cmptr Sci 1) 

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Integrated Math 1 or Algebra 1 

Meets the UC/CSU “G” requirement

Want to learn the closest thing there is to magic?  Learn the wizardry of the Java programming language.  Although no programming experience is needed, the desire to do amazing things is required.  Design code that will allow you to use 2D graphics to develop your own animations and games.

Computer Science 2 (R510)   

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Computer Sci 2)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Computer Science 1

Meets the UC/CSU “G” requirement

Continue the amazing journey of computer science and take a trip to object-oriented programming. Collaborate as a  team to create a computer version of a classic board game or get creative and design an original. Learn how to add images and sound to enhance the finished project.

Computer Game Programming (R195)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Computer Game)   

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Computer Science 2

Meets the UC/CSU “G” requirement

** Articulated with Palomar Community College for 'CSCI 260' through Spring 2019

Ever wish you could create video games like the ones you play?  Computer Game Programming gives you the ability to design and create your own 2D and 3D games for desktop and mobile devices. Learn cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality.  Design, Build and play your way to new skills in this course.  How awesome is that?

Web Programming (T191)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Web Programmi)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Computer Science 2

Course does NOT meet a UC/CSU A-G requirement 

Interested in working for a high tech web company? Better yet, become a startup, explore unique ideas and build your own company.  Web Programming gives you the skills to do just that. Learn the front and back ends of developing a dynamic website and gain the skills to brand yourself as a Full-Stack Web Developer.

Patient Care 1 (C161)   

(Abbr. Transcript Title: MedPath Intro)

Prerequisite: None

Meets the UC/CSU “G” requirement

**Articulated with Palomar Community College for 'BUS 80' through Spring 2019

This course provides an introduction to the high school medical pathway courses. Instruction covers content addressing: Careers and Personal Qualities of a Health Care Worker, Legal and Ethical Responsibilities, Introductions to Medical Terminology, with an emphasis on Anatomy & Physiology, Understanding Diversity and Communications in Health Care, Nutrition, and Computers in Health Care, Safety Precautions, Infection Control, and Mathematics in Health Care, Physical Assessment, and Basic Principles of First Aid & CPR. This course includes both theory and practical instruction. Students will also be introduced to various employment opportunities within the health industry.

Patient Care 2 (C261)  

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Medical Pathway Introduction or Patient Care 1

Meets the UC/CSU “G” requirement


This is the Capstone class for the Patient Care Pathway track.

Concepts of nursing fundamentals and basic medical-surgical nursing are introduced. Concepts related to delegation, resource, and time management are taught. Students apply therapeutic communication techniques when utilizing the nursing process, critical thinking, and evidence-based interventions in the care of clients in the clinical setting. Students provide care to chronic stable medical-surgical adult clients with expected or predictable outcomes.  CPR and AED certification for Adult/Infant is also provided.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:


  1. Compare and contrast basic nursing management of clients with predictable outcomes with dysfunctions in nutritional-metabolic, elimination, cognitive-perceptual, and activity exercise health patterns.
  2. Apply theoretical concepts and the nursing process in the care of stable clients with expected or predictable outcomes.
  3. Utilize basic critical thinking skills as an integral component in group activities and in the clinical setting.
  4. Provide culturally competent care to clients.
  5. Safely perform skills and evidence-based nursing interventions related to theoretical content.
  6. Demonstrate math/medication competency in calculations and drug dosages.
  7. Communicate effectively with clients, families, the interdisciplinary team, and peers using oral, written, and electronic formats.







First Responder (R402)   

Meets the UC/CSU “G” requirement

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Medical Pathway Introduction

For students interested in occupations such as Firefighting, Emergency Medical Technician, Para-Medicine, and Law-Enforcement. This course is the study of emergency medical skills and procedures, including basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, HIPPA, and preventions of disease transmission.

Last Updated 9.11.18