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"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."

- Albert Einstein - 








Nataliya German

A little about myself:
I was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine, the Former Soviet Union republic. I was lucky to experience the break down of the Soviet Union and Ukraine becoming free of the Soviet Union in 1991. It makes me very sad to see what is happening in Ukraine today because my family was affected by the Soviet regime then and is affected today by the war between Russia and Ukraine that escalated at the end of 2013. During the Soviet Union times my grand-grandfather was killed by KGB in 1936 for not supporting Stalin's ideas and speaking against them. He was taken out of his home on one early and still dark March morning, and the family didn't know where he was taken or what happened to him. We only were given an access to the KGB archives sixty years later to read what happened to my grand-grandfather. The whole family was threatened not to ask about what happened to him during these years. I have heard stories that were told only inside of my family for years. It was very nice to see Ukraine finally become independent in 1991 and sad to see that the history is being reversed today. Because of where I grew up and what my family went through, I appreciate the opportunity I was given to live in the country I live today.

My family isn't big. I have a son whom I love deeply and am very thankful for.  He was born on Thanksgiving of 2014 and filled my life with his very energetic personality and lots of cheerful laughter. 


I also came from a small family of two children. My older brother lives in Moscow, Russia, my mom finally joined me here in the USA, and my dad still lives in Odessa, Ukraine. 


Odessa is a beautiful beach city of more than a million people living in it, and it is located on the Black Sea. July through September weather in San Diego reminds me of summers in Odessa and my home. Black Sea's does look darker than Pacific Ocean, but it is sometimes called the deepest lake on Earth because this is what it used to be before it became a sea. The temperatures of Black Sea in the summer vary from 70F and to 85F. What I love the most about Black Sea and summers in Odessa is that there are lots of people who come to enjoy Odessa and sea from around the world, and that there are no harmful sharks in the sea. The waters are warm and one could swim as far as one wants or can.


When I was seventeen years old, I finished high school and went directly to Odessa National Polytechnic University. In five years I graduated with a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering. After moving to the U.S. in July of 2000, I attended CSU Sacramento for two years and then completed my Single Subject credential at CSU Stanislaus. 


Working experience:
In addition teaching high school since 2005 and 10 years of teaching community college math experience, I also used to work as a database programmer back in Odessa, in 1990s. However, I have not worked in Computer Science field since 2000, the time I arrived to the USA. After I came to the U.S.A. my first job was as graphic designer for a few months as well.


Teaching Experience:
My teaching experience started in 2004 when I started with teaching math (uto Pre-Calculus)  at Merced Community College and as a math, physics, AP Physics and engineering teacher at Buhach Colony High School in Merced. After working in my school and college for over ten years, I was very fortunate to find a new job here in San Diego area, the area that reminds me so much about my home city. Time flies by very quickly when one enjoys the job one does. I am blessed to to work with amazing people and students many of whom stay my friends for life. Teaching the subjects I teach is only a small part that I enjoy in my job. The largest portion of joy comes from working with so many great people and learning each day something new myself.