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MVHS Students & the Fleet Science Museum | Game Masters: The Exhibition

Mission Vista High School students were invited back to the Fleet Science Center for a third time to present their computer games.  The Fleet just completed a six month run of their popular exhibit, Game Masters: The Exhibition, and wanted the MVHS students to come back one last time before the exhibit closed.


The eight computer science students, Blake V., Joseph M., Brian S., Daniel D., Dylan M., Jackson S.,  Noah S., and Vincent R. were invited to be the “Genius in the House” and created computer games specifically for the exhibit.  


Ashanti Davis, Exhibits Project Supervisor at the Fleet, said, “Genius in the House is a great way for students, professionals and enthusiasts to share their expertise in science, technology, art, and mathematics, with visitors of all ages at the Fleet Science Center.  With an exhibition like Game Masters, it can be challenging for many to get past the notion of video games and to see them for what they are: computer science, engineering, and art.  We hope that our visitors were inspired after their experiences with students from MVHS.“ 


The games ranged from a car driving game to an outer space virtual reality game.  Joseph who participated in all three Fleet events was pleased to see that the interest and excitement of the Fleet guests kept getting bigger and better each time he was invited back.  Blake who also participated all three times said that he was happy when around a hundred people visited the first time but was blown away when close to two hundred people stopped by to check out their games this most recent time.  For Vincent, Noah, Jackson, Dylan, Daniel, and Brian, this was their first experience presenting at the Fleet and all enjoyed the opportunity and were amazed by how interested the Fleet guests were with their games.  As was the case with the previous exhibits, the Fleet patrons could not believe that high school students had the knowledge and ability to create such impressive games.  Akiko Hicks, Exhibits Experience Lead at the Fleet, has really appreciated having the MVHS students exhibit at the Fleet.  Akiko said, “Every time I see the MVHS students, I am surprised by their ability to present their projects to the public.  Their games are amazing, but what makes the students special is their ability to share their programming knowledge with our visitors.”  


Not only were the Fleet guests interested in playing the games, but many were also interested in how the students created the games since many of the adult guests worked as programmers and engineers.  


Demonstrating at the Fleet has been a great opportunity for the students to meet people that have careers working with technology.  One former MVHS student who was part of the first exhibit received a summer internship after talking with a Fleet guest that worked in the aerospace industry.  


MVHS computer science teacher, Jeffrey Yee, has also met a number of Fleet guests who have been so impressed with the students that they are interested in finding ways to connect their work with the MVHS CS program.  Now that the Game Masters exhibit is closed, the MVHS CS program hopes to continue working with the Fleet by presenting at future exhibits.  Ashanti Davis said, “We look forward to further collaboration with MVHS around computer science in Studio X, our maker and innovation studio.”  


The MVHS CS program has purchased an HTC Vive Virtual Reality system and has plans to design and implement immersive games and simulations for the Fleet.  These experiences with the Fleet has inspired the entire MVHS CS program to keep exploring new and creative ways to use their programming skills to help benefit the community.

Posted by: MVHS Media Published:2/8/18
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