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Course Description

Integrated Math 2 is designed to combine some of the intermediate principles of Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Probability.  Topics include Quadratic Functions,  Similarity and Congruence, Circles,  Basic Trigonometric Functions and Probability. The Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices will be addressed throughout the course.

Integrated Math 2

Supplies Needed

Integrated Math 2 students will need a a composition book or spiral notebook (graph paper encouraged) and scientific calculator.


Unit 2: Justification and Similarity

Unit 4: Factoring and More Trigonometry

Unit 6: More Right Triangles

Unit 7: Proof and Conditional Probability

Unit 9: Modeling with Functions

Unit 11: Solids

Extra Practice (Guide and Problems):

  • Solids and Ratios of Similarity
  • Pyramids, Cones, and Spheres

Additional Practice Worksheets:


Unit 1: Exploring Algebraic and Geometric Relationships

Unit 3: Probability and Trigonometry

Selected Answers

Extra Practice (Guide and Problems):

Additional Practice Worksheets & Weblinks:

Unit 5: Quadratic Functions

Unit 8: Polygons and Circles

Unit 10: Circles and More

Unit 12: Counting