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MVHS Students Excel at the Fleet
Posted 3/1/19


It’s no longer news for computer science students from Mission Vista High School to exhibit their virtual reality programs at the Fleet Science Center.  They have been doing that for over a year, but what is news is that students from the MVHS engineering program joined them to demonstrate their projects.  A total of fourteen students from MVHS took over the Fleet Science Center on February 16 to be the highlight of the Fleet’s VR and Technology Festival.

MVHS Technology Event MVHS Technology Event

Conner C. and Austin S. showed off their robots from Stephen Yip's Principles of Engineering class and robotics team, Tyler N., Harrison S., Luis B., and Nicholas W. showed off their scrolling message display from Natalie German's Digital Electronics class, and Rebekah T., Hannah T., Joshua U., Alex L., Matthew S., Eric C., Aidan M, and Cole O presented their VR programs from Jeff Yee's Computer Science class.  As always, the students’ projects were amazing and their engagement with the community was extraordinary. Many of the visitors to the Fleet just assumed that these were college projects and were surprised to find out that the students were still in high school.

MVHS Technology Event  MVHS Technology Event

The robotics students showed off remote controlled robots.  One robot picked up small objects, a second was a robotic crossbow, and the third was an all-terrain rover.  The students even allowed the guests to control the robots. Kids as young as four were able to use the controllers to operate the robots and Conner was pleased with how quickly the younger children were able to figure out how to pick up objects and place them in the robot’s cargo bay.


The scrolling message display allowed the guests to type in words on the computer and the text was then displayed on the large scrolling message display.  Having one’s name displayed was a popular choice since everyone loves to see their name up in lights.


The VR headsets showed off two different experiences.  The Oculus Go was used to exhibit the students’ two roller coaster rides, one for children and one for thrill seekers.  A second experience used the Vive to allow guests to see how quickly they could manage an obstacle course in virtual reality.


One of the many highlights of the event was when Matthew was interviewed by Fox5.  Matthew described how pleased he was to be able to show off his roller coaster project and how proud he was that adults were in awe of his computer skills.  Everyone involved was especially thrilled to find out that Matthew’s interview made it onto the actual live evening broadcast.

MVHS Technology Event  Fleet Science Center Logo