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Mr. Zaitz
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I am a Vista High School graduate and I have been working in VUSD since 1995.  I went to a small Franciscan University in Illinois for my bachelor's degree and earned my teaching credential and Masters in Education from Cal State San Marcos.

MVHS Freshman Seminar with Mr. Zaitz



Room 409


Welcome!  This term we will be working on bettering our academic skills and developing stronger social and emotional skills.  This class is designed to help you transition into high school and make positive connections to the school and your peers.  


Study skills will be emphasized throughout the class, along with support for your other classes.  We will also be creating a four-year plan with the use of California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) resources and evaluating potential career paths.  While focusing on academic skills is important, we will also focus on the social, emotional, and character needs of young adults through the use of character, health, and family education.  


Your goal in this class is to learn how to best take an active role in your own success through new skills and self-knowledge!


Course Outline:

Semester 1

Semester 2

Getting to know MVHS

Digital Academic Skills


Health and Wellness

Dealing with Stress

Digital Citizenship

Study Skills

Career Research

Breaking down Stereotypes

Analytical Reading Skills

Argumentative Writing  

Digital Media

Presentation Skills

California/VUSD 9th Grade Health



  • Composition book (Daily Journal)

  • Binder(s)

  • Planner

  • Pencils and Pens

  • Colored Pencils and/or markers

  • White board marker  



  • Participation - 35%

  • Practice work - 30%

  • Projects - 35%

 I have a simple list of supplies,

~Composition Book | we journal at the start of every day and this comp book should only be used for that purpose.

~Spiral Notebook | 2 may be needed depending on how prolific student note taking is.  These are used for chapter notes and essay rough drafts.  They are often turned in for me to grade, so they should be Class specific

.~Art Supplies | we do a lot of projects, so markers, rulers, highlighters, etc., are all recommended at home.