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ROP Photographic Imaging

Course Objectives

  • All Students will know how photography developed as a medium, and how the use of photography has affected the way people view the world.
  • All students will know how to operate a DSLR camera, utilizing F-stops, shutter speeds and ISO as a conscious decision when creating images.
  • All students will understand the difference between soft and hard light, know how to set up a studio portrait using up to three lights and lighting ratios. They will also know how to replicate studio lighting with available light.
  • All students will know basic compositional techniques, enabling them to create dynamic images.
  • All students will know how to use Photoshop to create selections in various ways, and understand what the advantage and disadvantage are to each tool.
  • All students will understand how to adjust images in a non-destructive way through the use of Adjustment Layers.
  • All students will learn various methods to composite images in Photoshop through the use of Layers, Layer masks, Clipping Masks and Blending modes.
  • All students will understand the proper workflow and color management systems when taking a final composition to print.
Current Assignments
William Salley Locker
Photo of the Day From PDN