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John Trujillo

TV/Film 1, 2, and Video Broadcasting

Hello, my name is John (although I usually go by my middle name, "Jeff") Trujillo and I am the TV/Film/Digital Media CTE instructor here at Mission Vista High School.  Most of my students simply call me "Mr. T."  I came to MVHS in early 2013 after nearly 25 years in the cable television industry, where I had the privilege of leading EMMY-Award nominated production teams (I had the great fortune to win one myself as an editor) covering lifestyle content throughout Southern California.  Throughout my career I have worked in all levels of production, and my goal here at MVHS is to introduce my students to the TV and Film production process and help cultivate their talents while making them aware of career opportunities available in the entertainment and corporate media industries.  

In my classes we use Canon professional DSLR cameras, and we have an amazing Mac computer lab with software that allows students to create their videos with a variety of professional editing programs. Each semester students create projects including music videos, PSA's and commercials, news segments and short films. Students will complete my classes with a portfolio of self-produced content that they can use on personal demo reels should they decide to further pursue a career in the field.  Thank you for visiting our class website, and please check back often for updates and featured videos.

MVHS TV Newscasts

Each semester TV/Film 1 & 2 students produce a series of stories about the people and events happening here at MVHS.  These segments are then assembled into informational and entertaining newscasts that are featured on the school's website and social media pages.  Below are links to our recent and past MVHS TV newscasts:


Past Newscasts:


Newscast #7:

Newscast #6:

Newscast #5:

Newscast #4:

Newscast #3:

Newscast #2:

Newscast #1:

Featured Film

Each semester our TV/Film 1 & 2 students write original screenplay treatments and scripts that they produce into short films.  Here we will feature selected films from our student projects.  Please visit our "Video Gallery" page for more selections.  

This is "Dog" by Tatiana C.  Enjoy!


TV/Film 1 & 2 / Virtual Enterprise Commercial Projects

Recently our TV/Film 1 & 2 classes teamed up with Mr. Gray's Virtual Enterprise classes to produce a series of 60-second commercials for their "virtual" products.  Each period our TV/Film students were divided into mini ad "agencies" who competed to produce the best commercial for their "client."  This "real world" client/agency exercise resulted in a series of TV/Film produced commercials that our Virtual Enterprise "businesses" will use in their ad campaigns.  Below are links to the commercials, with the winning spot featured at the end of each compilation reel:

Period 1 - Maverick's Energy Drink:   

Period 2 - Royal Co. Clothing Company:

Period 3 - Soul Threads Clothing Company:

Period 4 - Royal Co. Clothing Company:

Current Assignments

Reflections Competition Film Finalists

"Conquer" by Chloe V.

"Origami Inspiration" by Allison D.

"Let me tell you a story about me and my Dad" by River L.