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About the Teacher...

     I love teaching music. To me it is the best job in the world. Here are two short stories of how I became the musician and teacher that I am today. The first is about how I fell in love with music as an occupation long before I ever knew I would become a music teacher. When I was about nine years old I watched my Uncle Craig play Bob Seger cover tunes in a smokey bar, and I was mesmerized. I remember telling my parents, perhaps to their dismay, "That's what I want to do!". I was a child blind to the realities of paying a mortgage, caring for a family, or having any sort of career. All I knew was that in my eyes he was a rockstar, and I wanted more than anything to be like him. 

     Fast forward to my freshmen year of high school when I was approached by the school choir teacher and asked if I would be interested in joining choir. Without even thinking about it I responded with a resounding, "NO WAY! Singing is for girls." Just one year later I was once again approached by the choir teacher who asked me the same question, and my response remained the same. You would never know it from looking at me now, but in High School I was rockin' a Guns N' Roses t-shirt and a shaggy head of hair, and choir did not seem to fit my persona. The choir teacher asked again my junior year, and I gave him the same answer. Then something happened just prior to my senior year; the lead singer of my band left,  leaving me with seemingly one option: learn to sing. So towards the end of my Junior year I approached the choir teacher and asked "May I audition for choir?" The look on his face gave me the answer that he had been waiting to hear for the past three years. 

      So you might say that the rest is history. I had one year of high school choir, and largely based off of that experience I decided to do what I do today. After graduating high school I went on to earn my Bachelor of Music Education from California Baptist University, and subsequently I earned my Vocal Music teaching credential from California State University Fullerton. When I am not teaching at Mission Vista I direct music at Spirit of Joy Church in Ramona, CA as well as teach privately in Orange County where I live with my wife Britany.