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Your assignments, resources and templates are here!  You are always welcome to print the documents if you don't want to submit online.

LiteracyTA-Reading Suppport


9th Grade Health

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World History 1 & World History 2

Course Plan

Unit 1- Essential Skills

Unit 2- Latin America: Maya- NAFTA

Unit 3- Africa: Early Kingdoms- Mandela

Unit 4- World Religions

Unit 5- Middle East: Nation building- Arab Spring

Unit 6- India: British Colonialism- Gandhi

Unit 7- Japan: Samurai- Post WWII

Unit 8- China: Qing Dynasty to Mao and beyond

WH 1 & WH2 Helpful Information

Please refer to the assignment sheet for each unit.

The work is checked daily, but not collected until the day before the test.

Review all notes and learning activities within the unit to prepare for the test.















WH 2 Course Plan

Unit 1: Essential Skills

Unit 2: Geography of Europe

Unit 3: Age of Absolutism

Unit 4: French Revolution

Unit 5: Industrial Revolution

Unit 6: Imperialism

Unit 7: World War I

Unit 8: Russian Revolution

Unit 9: World War II

Unit 10: Cold War

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