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Reminder that educational rights transfers to the student at age 18

 Education Code 56041.5 which specifically addresses the IEP and needing an 18 year old to sign:

When an individual with

exceptional needs reaches

the age of 18, with the

exception of an individual

who has been determined

to be incompetent under

state law, the local

educational agency shall

provide any notice of

procedural safeguards

required by this part to

both the individual and

the parents of the

individual. All other rights

accorded to a parent under

this part shall transfer to

the individual with

exceptional needs. The local

educational agency shall

notify the individual and

the parent of the transfer

of rights.


(Added by Stats. 1998, Ch. 691, Sec. 17.)


Letter of Recommendation Request. Please request at least 15 school days in advance. Thank you

Course Objectives:

The Study Skills course is designed to prepare students to be active participants in their high school classes. Time management, organization, increasing academic skills  and encouraging a strong, consistent work ethic are promoted daily. In addition to daily support for homework assistance, students will receive designated support services, as stated in their Individual Education Plans.  Throughout this course, students will receive individualized and/or small group support with school projects, test preparation, study skills, and academic vocabulary practice through a variety of activities.  Through active participation in the Study Skills course, students will continue to develop the habits and tools necessary for success in high school and in their post secondary careers.

Students Will:

  • Participate in the development and implementation of their Individualized Education Plans and Individualized Transition Plans
  • Maintain a daily planner to track homework assignments and upcoming tests
  • Maintain a binder to organize Study Skills assignments and resources
  • Arrive to class prepared with all necessary materials for each day
  • Participate in study-skills in-class activities by contributing in a positive manner
  • Follow all classroom, school and district rules and policies
  • Maintain organized and neat binder/s for all their classes each term
  • Complete district mandated Study skills curriculum

How Grades work:

Student Progress: Grades will be posted online weekly and can be accessed through the AERIES portal.


Planner Check   . . . . . . . . . ...................... . . 10 weekly points/ 2 pts daily

Academic Warm Ups......................................10 points weekly/2 pts daily

Binder Check   . . . . . . . . . ....................... . . . 2 weekly points

Participation, Work Completion........ . . . . . .  20 weekly points/4 points daily

100% present each day..................................5 pts weekly/ 1 pt each day

(3 "free" bathroom passes given each term)

Study Skills assignments...............................either 5 or 10 points when assigned



90 - 100 % = A    80 - 89% = B    70-79% = C    60-69% = D    59-0% = F

7 suggestions for parents when grades aren't quite what they expected or desired

1) Checking the Parent Portal 2-3 times a week is key to seeing the daily progress or to "catch" grades as they start to slide.


2) Everything in its place and a place for everything.  Encouraging your student to put his/her completed homework in the same place in their binders every night. Too many times work is done but never turned in.  Easy points are lost because homework is done but not turned in on time.


3) In the past, unexcused absences have impacted final grades.  Students can't pass if they aren't here to learn. If this is an issue with your son/daughter, then a frank discussion is warranted.


4) I give out free planner sheets for those who haven't bought one.  Planners are not being consistently used by many students and this is a study habit that should have been established back in middle school. I check their planners weekly.  If your child is getting D and F grades, maybe a second set of eyes checking planners would help.


5) In past years, students have insisted that music, ipods, earbuds were allowed in classes and that they "study better" with music.   Studies indicate that soft music, with no lyrics, can actually help SOME students. My policy is no music or earbuds in study skills. On the weekly grades from study skills in the Parent Portal I will indicate if they are attempting to use earbuds/earphones.  Please support the academic environment in the study skills class so that all students can learn by talking with your child if this is an issue. They may be surprised that their grade goes up as well.


6) Is your child taking advantage of before school, lunchtime and after school help offered by the different teachers?


7) Too many students try and do everything in study skills and rarely do any homework or test reviewing outside of the school hours.  As was stated on the syllabus, the responsibility to make sure that homework is done is that of the student and the parent. It is not the responsibility of the study skills teacher to make sure work is completed.  Please provide a quiet space so that homework can be completed and to encourage your son or daughter to review for tests over multiple days and not just the night before.  

Welcome to my page

     Welcome parents, students and all other visitors.  If you've put in the effort to find this site I'm guessing you are looking for something in particular.  Feel free to roam about at your leisure and if you don't find what you're looking for, please email me at

      As I only check my phone sporadically but check my email 4-5 times a day you're guaranteed to get a quicker response if you email (that was called a subtle hint).

     I'm of a generation that was raised to think it uncouth to talk about oneself but I understand that parents want to know a bit about the teachers who spend time with their sons and bear with me for a line or two. I've been married for 33 years to a charming and patient wife by the name of Sharon Hamill. We have three sons and all of them are Vista Unified graduates.

      I graduated from 6th form from Endeavour Secondary in Sydney, Australia and received a B.A from CSULB and a M.ED. from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Wa.  I've taught special education for 33 years with 11 of those years being at the high school level and the rest at 8th grade. 

     Nobody spends 33 years doing something unless they absolutely love doing it. I'm as excited to watch your sons or daughters grow into adulthood and graduate as I did back in 1987. I look forward not only to a positive and productive year but  to meeting all of you in person as well.

Sean Hamill



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