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About Me

Welcome parents and students! As you can see my website is a little bare at the moment. This, however, is only temporary. As I organize and plan I will update this site with increasingly regular updates. For now, here is a little bio about me for those that are interested. You will find my contact information to the right.


This is my first year at Mission Vista High School and it will be my fourth year as an English teacher. Previously I taught 10th grade and 11th grade at Valley Center High School. This year I will be splitting my time between 11th Grade College Prep English and 12th Grade AP Literature and Composition. I have heard many great things about Mission Vista and all the great people that make up its staff, students, and parents. Since my teaching philosophy revolves around getting involved in my students' lives in and outside of the classroom, I look forward to meeting and interacting with all of you through many different venues this year.


As you can see from the picture on the right, exploring this great planet of ours is a passion of mine. I am a native of California but grew up overseas since I was four. Overseas I had the wonderful opportunity to make friends in several different countries and experience very diverse cultures. I hope to bring these unique experiences into the classroom as I believe having a solid perspective of the world outside of ours is valuable for everyone. While I lived overseas I did learn quite a bit of French and I am fluent in Spanish. Dare mucho placer hablar con usted en Español si lo necesita!


As far as what parents and students can expect from me in the classroom, whether it's College Prep or Advanced Placement, I accept only the best from my students. There will be homework everyday, we will cover a significant amount of literature, and writing (especially argumentative) will be worked on every week. Each text we cover in class will be analyzed and discussed thoroughly. While I do want to cover a lot of material, I also want to make sure we spend an adequate amount of time diving deep into the text so that students have the time to develop a solid understanding of the work. My overarching goal as a teacher is for my students to be thoughtful and reflective in both their analyses and responses to the texts we read in class and at home. Students will demonstrate these analytical and argumentative skills through both verbal and written means. Of course, they will get several opportunities to revise and refine their thinking, even on assignments they have already completed. I always want to encourage them to be better!


Well, I think that's it for now. As I mentioned previously, my contact information is on the right and I am more than happy to email or talk to you whenever you need me. If you would like to meet in person I am more than happy to arrange a time that works for everyone.


At your service,


- Mr. Jones


Contact Information


(best way to contact me)


Phone: 760-758-6800 x73601