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Elizabeth Clark


I hope you are all excited to continue your high school career at this exceptional school. I have high expectations for all students as you sharpen your literacy skills in preparation for college, career, and life.


Please use MY GOOGLE SITE for more information.  Click on the link below!


The 9th grade curriculum is a thematic survey of literature focusing on the essential question of how an individual explores his/her role in society and how his/her identity evolves. It emphasizes critical thinking skills and requires students to draw their own conclusions as they synthesize and apply the knowledge they have gained through their readings and class discussions.

I look forward to getting to know all of you well while I help you to become more active learners who think critically about literature and the world around you, as well as read, write, listen and speak more effectively.


The Freshman Seminar Class will be working on bettering our academic skills and developing stronger social and emotional skills.  This class is designed to help you transition into high school and make positive connections to the school and your peers.  

Study skills will be emphasized throughout the class, along with support for your other classes.  We will also be creating a four year plan with the use of Naviance and evaluating potential career paths.  While focusing on academic skills is important, we will also focus on the social, emotional, and character needs of young adults through the use of character, health, and family education.  

Your goal in this class is to learn how to best take an active role in your own success through new skills and self-knowledge!


In Creative Writing students work on creating original stories, poetry and personal essays.  The curriculum is focused on recognizing and identifying the successful elements of an effective piece of writing.   As a community we work on experiencing writing as a tool for intellectual exploration, self-discovery, and creative expression.


The 12th Grade Expository Reading and Writing Course is one filled with rigor, and was designed to prepare students for college level reading and writing as well as the 21st Century literacy challenges we all face.