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Useful Links and Resources

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Crash Course Biology

Crash Course Ecology

Khan Academy: Biology

Bozeman Science: Biology


Interactive Periodic Table

Crash Course Chemistry

Periodic Table of Videos

Bozeman Science: Chemistry

UC Davis ChemWiki (Goes beyond what we cover, but useful visuals and models)


Science Games:

Fe 26

Mahjong Chem


Letters of Recommendation:



Current Assignments
David Forester Locker

David Forester




About Me:
I studied Natural Sciences at the University of California, Davis along with a minor in education.  I earned my teaching credential for high school science at Cal State San Marcos.  But in addition to my education I have also had several opportunities to get other hands on experience related to science education including doing educational outreach for the UC Davis Museum of Wildlife Biology, working as a Naturalist in Grand Teton National Park, researching astronomy at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, and testing new technologies to make atmospheric measurements for weather and climate research at NOAA.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge and understanding with all my students.