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What colleges should I apply to?

College List Breakdown

Suggested Application Breakdown 

You MUST know the colleges and want to attend them in order to have a compelling application

(Average submitted applications 7-10)


Reach (3 Applications)

Your academic credentials fall in the lower end, or even below, the school's average range for students accepted. Dream schools are long-shots, but they should still be possible. Don't let the sticker price of a financial reach school scare you off! Financial need, academic strength, and a college's desire to have you on campus can all influence your financial aid award and make the cost of attendance more manageable.


Match (3 Applications)

A match school is one where your academic credentials (grades, SAT or ACT scores, and class rank) fall well within the school's average range for the most recently accepted class. There are no guarantees, but it's not unreasonable to expect to be accepted to several of your match schools.


Safety (3 Applications)

A safety school is one where your academic credentials exceed the school's range for the average freshman. You should be reasonably certain that you will be admitted to your safety schools. These should also be colleges you'd be happy to attend. In addition to admissions criteria, it's a good idea to think about financial aid when creating your list of safety schools - make sure there is at least one school that you know your family can afford on that list.

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